Why You Should Be Using the Instagram Video Function

Why You Should Be Using the Instagram Video Function

Instagram video content has recently become increasingly popular in social media, making it an important benefit for those planning to market it. This change shows that more and more businesses, big and small, start to talk visually to their supporters, clients and supporters. That is why our Social Media Marketing team has been seeking to discover the advantages of Instagram videos.

The video feature is one of the most popular channels that can use the marketing power


Instagram is the perfect social site with over 150 million users. It enables an individual not only images but short videos to be shared. Millions and millions of videos will be shared each day, which is a wonderful cause that this site should be used. Below are many of the key advantages of using this function;


Enhanced contribution

Instagram videos are almost ever missed as compared to videos published on Facebook or Twitter that are frequently ignored by users regardless of their content. Instagram videos produce 50 times more interaction than Facebook and 120 times more regularly than Twitters, based on a survey carried out by Forrester. With the useful and interesting content of an Instagram account, one can acquire insane business participation.


Personality and trust building


Since a lot more content is becoming common, it can help create confidence one of the main benefits of the use of a video feature. People buy from people they could trust, and the Instagram video will allow you to interact with your emotional audience. The main thing here is the fact that everyone shares their everyday experience with clients, fans and followers in a relaxed and informal manner.


There was very good sharing behind-the-scene activities on Instagram, especially if it is a service provider. Such videos make the business even more honest and appealing, which then impacts marketing positively.

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Traffic rise


Although clickable links to the videos cannot be added, they are nevertheless a predominant traffic source. In addition, the amount of dedication compared to Facebook and Twitter will benefit you tremendously in the popularity of your website by using the video feature.


Achieve a Competitive Border


Instagram rivalry is also much less than Facebook or likely Twitter competitions. The American Express Survey found that almost two percent of small businesses now have the Instagram video feature and they have gotten a grip on their opposition. Thus it is clear that you are able to reach your target audience more quickly and conveniently by using this video feature.


Free publicity


That’s right actually. The best thing about Instagram video is absolutely free of charge ads. In the activity that produces broad exposures, you will present your goods and services. The feature provides one chance to demonstrate what it offers.


Accept and be awarded for video success!


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