What Is Independent Legal Advice?

What Is Independent Legal Advice?

Independent legal advice is when you are consulted directly to your partner and other parties involved in a mutual arrangement by a lawyer in Ontario or even wherever you are located. It is important to be sure you have all the vital details at your fingertips if you enter into any legal arrangement, or even sign any legal document like a pre-wedding contract. This unbiased guidance would involve things like the exact impact that this topic has on you as regards the potential advantages and benefits, responsibilities and implications. This ensures that you have all the relevant details so that you can determine if an agreement is good, so that you can sign all legal documents with absolute assurance that you will be covered almost as legally as possible.

If you take independent legal advice, you have a certificate to prove that the legal agreement is signed and even included. If you are not interested in any potential type of conflict regarding the agreement, any documents establishing an agreement could not be enforceable at the court.

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Can it be economical or necessary?

The decision to use an Ontario lawyer to spark fee saving on both parties can therefore be considered a false economy and is not a good practise as it can easily lead to bad advice to individuals and long-term costs and costs. In fact, in some cases, lawyers cannot even advise those involved to demonstrate how the judicial system considers essential independent legal advice to be. This is because of independent advice:


· Favor an analytical view of legal papers


· Ensures that a customer has understood and was not forced to sign an agreement/document.


How long would you like it?

Is it acceptable or maybe not to get an independent Legal Advice Certificate? It’s up to:


1. The kind of contract you make


Any material such as pre-nuptial agreements or separation arrangements can significantly affect your security, duties and rights and, when a conflict occurs, your future and present security and can require a highly fighting trial in court. Documents such as these call for considerable review and attention in order to ensure equal treatment and justice for all sides, and if necessary, they are legally enforceable.

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Context: For example, there may be a conflict of interest, or the Ontario lawyer acts as a mediator.

This will suggest that each party seeks independent legal advice on their arrangements in the event of a pre-marriage arrangement rather than a lawyer working for both the future wife and husband.


Nobody wants a contract like a pre-nuptial arrangement that the marriage of theirs will fail, but impartial legal advice on other issues and that problem will ensure that all documents are compulsory and fair if appropriate.

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