What Is Cannabis Doing To Your Mental Health?

What Is Cannabis Doing To Your Mental Health?

While there is very little question of the possibility of cannabis being used in the car or potentially going to work, the health effects of cannabis, in particular mental health, have been the topic of a discussion for years. But what’s science telling us?

It is crucial that we know that cannabis is a common substance before we get to know what science and research is saying. It is the most common unlawful drug in most countries and in most parts of the world. It is allowed to flourish in some areas and is part of our culture. It seems that politicians will understand that if they try it to prove that they are much more human!


Yet it is two different things to try it and use it daily, and it is much more common for users to put themselves at greater risk. Since the use of cannabis can be dangerous for mental wellbeing and can definitely lead to a number of problems.


Faithful research has found the use of cannabis is related to problems such as:


Hallucinations and hysteria. Psychosis. Add to this list confused thinking, behavioural disruptions and emotions, and silenced speaking.

Schizophrenia, a psychiatric disorder that all of us have read of. The evidence is that cannabis in people who are at risk of disease can induce schizophrenia. Most people at risk of schizophrenia do not know they are every time and now they are a lot more dangerous than you would think.

It is often widely believed that the use of cannabis can lead to depression, although no specific evidence exists for this. What the research suggests is that people who use cannabis are far more likely than people who do not but the exact correlation is unclear. Maybe it is simply because of a common misconception that cannabis makes people happier, but the opposite may be true.

Cannabis patients can also experience issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, lack of energy, exhaustion and difficulty focusing.

The use of cannabis can also be a factor in young people’s suicides.

But what does this unique proof mean? Will you have to attempt cannabis? Should you stop being the usual user?

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There is a possibility of cannabis use, like there is every other substance, including legal substances like tobacco and alcohol. You might routinely use cannabis without a problem all your lives, but you may not be so lucky.


Perhaps the best advice is very simple: if your loved ones have a history of mental illness, steer from cannabis. It is simply not really worth taking the risk, given the evidence that a cannabis user with a family history of mental illness is far more vulnerable to psychological issues.

Sakshi Tanwar

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