Sports Clubs and Sponsorships

Sports Clubs and Sponsorships

Football in the English Premier League is swinging and the championship will be won by millions of fans around the world. In addition to the fees they earn from their clubs, groups or teams each season, we hear sport people signing into promotional agreements and ads totalling millions of dollars.

In various companies such as electrical engineering, building design, retail, packaging and clothes, sporting products, aerial, financial services, drinks, cars, and many others, the sports clubs and teams themselves are funded by large conglomerates or corporations.

Many of the top sponsors of the Football Club in categories, including the following customer groups:


• Emirates Arsenal

• Crown Painting Blackburn Rovers

• Hikers from Bolton-Reebok.

Samsung: • Chelsea

• LG Electronics • Fulham

• Carlsberg-Liverpool

Thomas Cook • Manchester City

• Manchester United-American Party

• Northern Rock • Newcastle Ltd.

• Stoke City-UK.

• Hotspur-Mansion Tottenham Hotspur.

• JJB Sports Ltd.-Wigan Athletic

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Logos-advantages and implementations


It is not uncommon to see sports teams worldwide on their clothes , shoes, other paraphernalia and travel kits that most of them earn in terms of branding and benefit.


Nevertheless, a relentless flow of innovation in goods and an ever-growing need for the newest electrical and gadget technologies in a widespread consumer market are still the hot favourite among corporate sponsors.


Their sponsorships are used by companies such as Sony Corp, Samsung, Panasonic, LG and Philips, which are beneficial to many others. To boost brand identity, engage customers and retailers while increasing sales, Panasonic uses the ideas of its Life positioning. Sony used its seven year FFIA agreement to establish a fully visible category of ‘digital life’ for exclusive rights in hd TVs, personal computers, audio equipment and components and Gaming equipment.


In the United States, Philips Electronics focuses on football as a marketing platform through its streamlined sponsorship programmes. The company will exclusively achieve electric and electronic consumer appliances and kitchen equipment in a five- year contract. In addition , Sony promotes brand recognition of its Xplod mobile audio as co-sponsor of the Penske Racing NASCAR Nextel Cup and promotes HD TV items with title sponsorship of the NHRA Sports Compact Racing Series. In addition. Via its Hope for Education initiative, Samsung Electronics donates millions of dollars to schools through consumer electronic goods and software; through addition, it funds non-profit organisations, which have connexions to music and sports celebrities, in the pursuit of dignified causes.


Demos and show of new products will be the focus of numerful sponsorships; they will simultaneously create business relationships through employee reward competitions, store customers and promotions.


A team jersey with the logo and name of his favourite sportswoman will provide each big football fan with an arm for the sport. There are cases for iPods, iPads and iPhones that bear the soccer club logos in the key colours for technical purposes. For example, the Manchester UIC case sports iPad Mini has a fluid, streamlined look in the eye-catching red colour and can be purchased online for a minimum of twenty dollars through any sports equipment portal.

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