Pro Football – Leonard “Green Shoes” Weaver Leads Seahawks to Second Victory in 7 Games

Pro Football – Leonard “Green Shoes” Weaver Leads Seahawks to Second Victory in 7 Games

It must be fun football, and Seattle’s Sahawks have finally done so by picking up the 49ers from San Francisco on a home ground Sunday (10-26-08) behind Leonard’s ‘Green Shoes’ Explosion Weaver as well as Josh Wilson’s 34 13 winner.

Weaver turned two short receptions into 43-yard and 62-yard contact downs, one day when Seattle’s defense not only appeared, but also played.


It was worthwhile just to see Weaver flowing down the side of the shoes with a heavy lime green presence. Weaver, 6 feet from Seattle, 242 pounds in whole, has taken the rock home two times with a high style and a high-grade step. In general, Julius Jones and Mo Morris are the lead blocker for running back.


Another, more successful sportsman from the mid 1970s, Billy “White Shoes” Johnson, is reminiscent of Weaver’s environmentally friendly shoes. Johnson, a 3-time kick-back expert, was wearing white trainers, while all the others wear black shoes.

He was among the earliest players in the NFL to launch scoring celebrations by first performing the then popular soul dance Funky Chicken, long before showboating was the final zone of the NGL’s pastime.

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In a fumble of the 2010 defeats in Tampa Bay last week, Josh Wilson, the second year defensive back and kickoff return specialist in the Seahawks, hit an obvious 96-yard-backdown after some government official whispered the play dead.


Sunday when Wilson picked up a J, it came as no surprise. T. O’Sullivan pass and began a 75 yard start to get Seattle up to 20 3 in the first half, 30 seconds remaining. The robbery of Wilson was seen by coach Mike Holmgren as a big change for his life.




At their first meeting last year in Seattle, the defence of the seahawks kicked O’Sullivan eight times, but the 49ers won an overtime win of 33 30. The four-time quarters of this time were five but O’Sullivan was forced to fumble twice, and Patrick Kerney took 1 fumbles from his defensive 6-foot-5, 263 pounds, and rushed for a further five-yard goal in the first quarter.


The missing defence of Seattle appeared in J earlier in the season. T. O’Sullivan ‘s rear-field put a lot of pressure on O’Sullivan to yank him in favor of Shaun Hill by Mike Singletary, a new 49er coach. It seemed to have little meaning, because Seattle was this time leaving San Francisco.


The Seahawks, now 25 a year old, are bound to the 2nd position in the poor West Division of the National Conference by the St. Louis Rams. The division is led by Arizona Cardinals with a mark of 43.

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