How To Monitor Your Children Internet Usage? Cost Effective Ways

How To Monitor Your Children Internet Usage? Cost Effective Ways

Before being parents, we were kids too. We all have been through teenage and have experienced a lot of things, made a lot of mistakes and it is apparent that we do not want our children To repeat the same mistakes, We just want to keep them safe. The Internet has given such unprotected access to everything. At this young age, children are always curious to know more. That urge of knowing more can sometimes lead to adverse consequences. 

It is our utmost duty to keep our children safe, and Sometimes to ensure their safety, we need to keep an eye.

In this generation, where everybody demands their own private space and needs time with their selves. We just cannot sit on their heads for the whole day or say always keep an eye on their actions. Technology has developed so rapidly that now Even a two-year-old toddler has an iPad for watching rhymes. Children need their own time surfing the internet, and many times their young minds fall into traps.

A lot of frauds are being done with scannable fake IDs. These scannable fake id website are Genuine in appearance but have a piece of different information stored inside.

To ensure the safety of our children, And we are mentioning a few tips to monitor your children in Very Affordable Ways while they are surfing the internet freely:

Download spy apps

Spy AppsSpy apps help you to get access to the device that your child is using to surf the internet without even letting them know. These apps give you all the information about the calls, recent searches, Texts, history, recently installed and opened apps, And GPS location as well. By installing these apps, you can secretly monitor your children and ensure their safety. They Come In Various Prices from $10 to $50 a month.

Limit certain websites

Nowadays, the software has developed such features that you can restrain certain websites that contain inappropriate content. For instance, pornography, social media, and adult YouTube content. This way, you can sit and relax that your children cannot assess these sites and are safe from the scannable fake ids as well.

Disable selected apps

There are many apps that are of our use but can have such content which isn’t appropriate for our children. So these days mobile phones offer a disabling feature. You just cannot always use and delete An app. It will be such a waste of time, so disabling a particular app can help you through the situation. You can be Stress-Free when you hand over your phone to your children. They won’t be able to assess the selected apps.

Select the child-friendly version

Nowadays, our children have built up habits of watching rhymes, poems on YouTube, and teenagers like to watch Netflix series and movies as well. So, to prevent your children from watching adult content. You can select the kid’s mode on YouTube and Netflix or maybe filter the apps where 18+ content is not visible.

Children’s innocence Should be protected. Their beautiful young minds can do wonders. So we have to put them on the right path.

Sakshi Tanwar

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