LED Strip Lighting – Choosing the Right Product For The Job

LED Strip Lighting – Choosing the Right Product For The Job

It can also be useful for anything from subtle accent lighting to bright show windows illuminations, and LED strip lighting is very versatile. Various kinds of lighting strips would be available on the market, so that you can understand what each set of numbers means to get the best lighting strip for the job you want.


LED Strip light per metre number

In general, LED strip lighting comes in 2 LEDs per metre: 60 LEDs per metre and 30 LEDs per metre. This refers to the number of LED lights currently mounted on each metre long. The 60 LEDs per metre have almost all LEDs and thus have the brighter light. This is the easiest way to use the light in the immediate vicinity, if the lighting is as bright as possible, or if the light is apparent, even during the daytime. The thirty LEDs per metre are usually appropriate for subtler lighting effects, accent lighting and illumination in a place that does not have other light.

LED size One other factor deciding the distribution and luminosity of light is the size of each LED. The four figures referring to the scale of the chips suggest that. 5050 indicates the chip 5mm x 5mm, while the chip 3528 indicates the chip 3.5mm x 2.8 mm. More and more light can be provided by the bigger chips.


LEDs colour

There are several colors for LED strip illumination: cool white and glossy white are standard choices for regular lighting. Then there are the colored strip lights: you can either pick an illumination strip for decorative purposes or maybe go to the RGB LED colour change and this is also programmable for a whole range.


Strip length

LED streak lighting typically comes standard in rolls of either 5m or 10m, but it is also possible to order custom lengths. Furthermore the strips have interval cutting points, which can easily be cut to the appropriate lengths.


Easy installation Some items allow you to easily mount your own adhesive back. This can be an edge for small DIY systems or for an extra defence you can choose to have strips placed on a flat aluminium bar.


In addition to personalised options for LED strip lighting, various manufacturers may provide a lot of variables, so speak about your needs with your LED lighting specialist and even signing specialist to decide what product is right for you.


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