India Gears Up to Face China

India Gears Up to Face China

The war in 1962 was a turning point in the history of the Indians. The Chinese could then catch the Indian army unaware as a result of the folly of Nehru. In NEFA, the North East Frontier Agency, the Chinese reportedly arrived within thirty miles of Tezpur, an attack that severely beaten the Indian army.

The Chinese chose not to prolong the fight, however, because India began to muscle with the help of the USA. The Indian Army has thus built up its striking potential over a period of time. This standard of preparation has now achieved with two brand new mountain infantry divisions. India also raised a battalion from the local tribes of Arunachal scouts. The Indian Army is also reinforcing the 4000 km long frontier.

The Indian army has continuously improved its potential for a Himalayan offensive separating Tibet and India. The two new divisions mean there will be 35,000 additional armies out there which could be useful in a worse 2 front war situation with China. The division headquarters in Misamari in Zakama and Pakistan headquarters in Nagaland. The two divisions will have the army ‘s army.


Therefore, the Indian army has given its strength in the East a fresh edge. The Army has also created a Strategic Command that turns from its previous defensive thought. There is also every likelihood that the army’s defence of China will be ‘pro-active.’ In her mind, this is an extreme improvement. The army would have three hit corps with one blind division, according to the survey. It is worth noting. This really is because the army does not see much space in mountainous regions for just about any armour operations. Even in the 1962 war, the Chinese armour had not been used, and the Chinese had only used some light tanks in the west of Chusul.

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The indian government has made friends with the military junta in Rangoon in order to maintain the southern border of Nagaland and Assam with Burma, ensuring that Burma remains at least important to any Indo-Chinese conflicts. I strongly feel that this is unfortunate because the military junta has a new lifestyle.


At Siliguri, the army also offers a body The defence and northern Bengal in the entire area are heavily vamped. Thereby a 1962 repeat is impossible, and before they re-enter India, the Chinese would need to wait.

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